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And we’re off…

October 22, 2009

Okay, so the October 19 meeting turned into a prep session, but now we’ve got a game plan and tonight is our first in-person meeting with the group.

That game plan includes:

  • Using Head First Programming by David Griffiths and Paul Barry as our text. We have an inside line on this, so are getting access to a pre-release version. Very cool. But if you want to follow along with us, check out the Rough Cut version in Safari or wait a few weeks for the book release.
  • Using GitHub to collaborate.  Mercurial is the official Python repository, but lots of folks are already familiar with Git so we’re going with it.
  • Using Python 3.1.1 to learn. This is the newest and spiffiest release.

Okay, more news to come later tonight!

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  1. Bill Mietelski permalink
    October 23, 2009 10:58 am

    I envy you folks 🙂

    I’m one of the technical reviewers for Head First Programming, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    Back when I learned to program, we had to walk barefoot 20 miles in the snow to the Data Center, use a keypunch machine to enter our code into punchcards, then hand the deck of cards over to an operator.

    We’d then go grab a cup of coffee and wait for the results while someone ran the program and stuck a greenbar listing of the output in a bin for us to read.

    Of course, our first attempt would fail miserably due to a misplaced period or a missing comma, so we’d have to repeat the whole process … and repeat it again … and again … until the program ran correctly. (That’s how I fell into my caffeine addiction.)

    Okay, so it was only 2 miles, but the rest of the story is true 🙂

    If Head First Programming had been around back in the day, I would’ve learned to code much quicker (and my hands wouldn’t shake so much today).

    Good luck with your programming, and enjoy the book.

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